• Image of Patates Braves (Drawing)
  • Image of Patates Braves (Drawing)

- Title : Patates Braves (after Chef Fermí Puig)

- Coffee, Aerosol Paint, Acrylic Paints and Graphite on Fine Art Paper (Acid Free)

- 15x22 inches

- Unique Multiple Edition* of 20 Drawings

- Signed and numbered drawings by Georges Le Chevallier

- Dated 2016

This print is sold unframed
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* UNIQUE MULTIPLE EDITION – This term describes an artwork that is produced more than once, but is not identical in every detail to other works in the same series. Each work will differ very slightly different one to the next, by virtue of the fact the pieces are handmade.

About the Shibui Series:

“As a human being living in the 21st Century I believe that we need to acknowledge our current psychological dependency on technology. This smart phone, social media and immediate gratification mindset, is leading us to an unsatisfied mental state where more and faster is expected by everyone at all times, creating constant stress.
I believe that to counteract this learned excellence at technical multi-tasking, we should search for simplicity in daily life based on the Japanese idea of shibui, where elements and experiences are appreciated by their own virtues and simplicity is devoid of the unnecessary. With this in mind I create works that are deconstructed to very basic visual elements aiming to stimulate the limbic brain – the part that has no capacity for language but, instead, controls emotions and behavior".

- Georges Le Chevallier



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