• Image of Anago (Print)
  • Image of Anago (Print)
  • Image of Anago (Print)
  • Image of Anago (Print)
  • Image of Anago (Print)

- Title: Anago (after Chef Jiro Ono)

- Archival Pigment Fine Art Print, created in three stages (Sumi-e, Giclée and Gago-In Inkan)

- Printed on Epson Signature Worthy Collection Natural Fine Art Paper (Acid Free)

- 17x22 inches

- Unique Multiple Edition* of 50

- Signed and numbered by Georges Le Chevallier

- Dated 2017

This print is sold unframed
Please allow 2-5 working days for your order to be processed and shipped.
* UNIQUE MULTIPLE EDITION - an artwork that is produced more than once but is not identical in every detail to other works in the same series.


Anago's 3 Printing Stages:

1. SUMI-E : Traditional Japanese Ink Wash
Georges Le Chevallier makes his own ink by grinding a Sumi (Japanese ink stick) on a Suzuri (a carved stone) and then stains each sheet of paper with the ink wash, making each print unique.

2. GICLÉE: A fine art digital printing method that is based on the following criteria: 
- The quality of the paper: Epson Signature Worthy Collection Natural Fine Art Paper (Acid Free)
- The document resolution: 300 dots per inch
- The quality of the printer: Epson Sure Color P800SE, which uses 9 pigment-based ink cartridges. Pigment-based ink can last around 200 years without any significant fading.

3. GAGŌ-IN INKAN: Georges Le Chevallier carved his own Gago-In Inkan used on the Shibui Prints.
INKAN: A personal stamp carved from stone which is used in place of an official
GAGŌ-IN: An inkan for artists as a way to sign their work
RED SEAL PASTE used in the Inkan is made from crushed cinnabar and an Asian herb, called moxy punk.


About the Shibui Series:

“As a human being living in the 21st Century I believe that we need to acknowledge our current psychological dependency on technology. This smart phone, social media and immediate gratification mindset, is leading us to an unsatisfied mental state where more and faster is expected by everyone at all times, creating constant stress.
I believe that to counteract this learned excellence at technical multi-tasking, we should search for simplicity in daily life based on the Japanese idea of shibui, where elements and experiences are appreciated by their own virtues and simplicity is devoid of the unnecessary. With this in mind I create works that are deconstructed to very basic visual elements aiming to stimulate the limbic brain – the part that has no capacity for language but, instead, controls emotions and behavior."

- Georges Le Chevallier


This Limited Edition of Giclées is possible thanks to a Professional Development Grant for Artists awarded by United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, with funds from the United Arts campaign as well as the N. C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.



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