• Image of Amuse-Bouche 2 (Drawing)
  • Image of Amuse-Bouche 2 (Drawing)
  • Image of Amuse-Bouche 2 (Drawing)

-Title: Amuse-Bouche 2

- Mixed Media Drawing on Fine Art Paper (Acid Free)

- 17x22 inches

- Signed by Georges Le Chevallier

- Dated 2018

This drawing is sold unframed
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About the Shibui Series:

“As a human being living in the 21st Century I see technology as both a blessing and a curse. Therefore I believe that we need to acknowledge our current psychological dependency on technology. This smart phone, social media and immediate gratification mindset is leading us to an unsatisfied mental state where more and faster is expected by everyone at all times, creating constant stress. I believe that to counteract this learned excellence at technical multi-tasking, we should search for simplicity in daily life based on the Japanese idea of shibui, where elements and experiences are appreciated by their own virtues. In other words, I am in search of a sophisticated simplicity in everyday life.

As an artist I believe that my role is to question this exaggerated technological dependency by using shibui in my work, were simplicity is devoid of the unnecessary. With this in mind, I create mixed media paintings that are deconstructed to very basic visual elements aiming to stimulate the limbic brain – the part that has no capacity for language but, instead, controls emotions and behavior.

Along with embracing shibui in my life and art, my creative research is also inspired by the simplicity of Malevich’s Black Square and the plating process of the culinary arts. In recent years, I have been moved by Chefs such as Mossimo Borutta and Grant Achatz who constantly visit museums and study art to develop their culinary dishes. Now I want to do the opposite of them: I want to be inspired by the food preparation process and bring it to my artistic process. In some ways, I create a visual molecular gastronomy for painting.

- Georges Le Chevallier


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